Motivate me as i am just not that into it

I’ve been slack lately but

  • remembering I’d still like to drop 10-20 pounds
  • that I’d like to actually pass people on climbs

keep it interesting just spinning can be boring… toss in some intervals… do some high intensity work and make it a shorter work out.

and always remember your still not ‘the Champ’ and u gotta dethron that guy

but I think the booze killed you… booze makes me rather unmotivated to exercise

I reluctantly got on the trainer tonight and stated a hateful spin.
This year I haven’t had to force myself to ride it at all. However this time was different.
Maybe it’s the fresh snow falling with promises of xc skiing or snowshoeing. Or perhaps it was the big T-bone waiting to go on the barbie or it could have been the Cafe mocha with the 1 and 1/2 ounces of Kaklua just before my session.
I spun for lousy 14 minutes before coming to a stop. Instead I am settling on a half assed weight session with some ab work.
Are there any tricks that anyone uses to stay focused during a boring, I don’t want to ride period?

Any help, suggestions or light hearted comments poking fun at me would be appreciated and perhaps motivating.