Mountain Bike Atlantic Merchandise

MTBA merch is now available in the Friends of Fundy online shop.
All proceeds help support the mountain bike scene in Atlantic Canada.



Lol, of course no men’s small available.


Ordered some stickers, gunna sticker everything :metal:


Bit disappointed that $12.00 postage and handling was actually $3.19.

Fat should be built into the product cost not the shipping. It puts lots of people off!


Maybe, there is a good reason. It is all going to support a non-profit.

Fyi, @MTBA.


Postage is often the cheapest part of the ‘Postage and Handling’ equation. Packaging, driving to the post office, dropping it off, picking the products and putting it all together takes volunteer time and money as well. I understand what you’re saying, and maybe they should incorporate that fee into the product cost, but in the end, what’s the difference?


Is S&H applied to each item or the order? I wonder if a per order cost is just more appropriate than charging a fee baked into the cost of each item.

I also wonder why $12 is that the most S&H typically could cost? It would be a pain to individually estimate costs for each shipment.

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Maybe my message came across a bit too negative.

The $12.00 shipping fee nearly put me off, so I was surprised the actual postage fee was only 25% of the P&H charge. I don’t mind the cost and it’s great that MTBA has t-shirts which I find a much more practical fundraiser than riding jerseys, bottles and socks (all stuff I’ve brought over the years).

I understand how costs and fees are built up (that’s been my career for 20 years) so also understand there’s likely a fairer distribution of P&H that doesn’t carry the same bar as a high shipping cost.


Wondering if Sam will have this merch’ available at the MTB Atlantic booth in the Expo area at the Poley MTB Park Opener on Saturday?

No S+H if you buy it direct from MTB Atlantic while enjoying a day of shredding!


Hi all!
Our lovely friends at Friends of Fundy are dedicating time and resources to raising funds for this project through the merch sales. The merch is also available in the Friends of Fundy store in Alma.

Yes! These will be available at Poley on Saturday and I will be bringing some merch along through the Maritimes on trips to support events i.e. Tour de Gore and Strathganza!