Mountain Bike Halifax - AGM and Movie Night

You are invited…

This year, Mountain Bike Halifax will be hosting our Annual General Meeting followed by a screening of Esperanto - the latest action-packed mountain bike offering from Teton Gravity Research.

This event will occur Monday, May 8 at Good Robot at 2736 Robie St.

7:30 pm AGM

Note: As a food serving establishment, Good Robot is open to minors until 9pm. So, if you want to bring your kids to the AGM, that would be awesome! But they won’t be able to stay for the movie.

8:30 pm Esperanto - Tickets available at;

Cost is $25.00 and the funds raised help pay for MBH’s minimal operating costs.

You can check out the trailer for Esperanto here. If a movie attendee is not a member of Mountain Bike Halifax, the ticket price will give you membership.

Tickets are limited.

We hope to see you there!



So, if I don’t care about the movie and am not a memeber of MBH (has anyone been a memeber in the last 2 years?) and would like to attend is it free?

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yes it is!

A few updates on the AGM and Movie night Monday. The AGM is open to everyone! And you do not have to pay or stay for the movie if you only want to attend the AGM.

On the movie front, please remember that it’s also a fund raiser. Mountain Bike Halifax is a volunteer group and we have very few expenses, but we do need to pay certain fees just to keep operating as a not-for-profit. So please show your support by attending the film.

The agenda for the AGM will highlight some exciting news and developments in HRM.

Here is a quick overview on what will be discussed.

· Parks Canada, along with the province of Nova Scotia, HRM, and the NS Nature Trust is very close to the end of the Pre-Feasibility stage for the designation of Birch Cove / Blue Mountain as a National Urban Park. While not officially selected yet, this is still extremely big news! Mountain Bike Halifax has been invited with a select group of other stakeholders to participate in this process.

· The HRM Mountain Bike Strategy is making its way through the various municipal departments. As many of you know, the strategy was approved in principle by Parks and Recreation last year. It is now moving through other HRM departments such as Planning, Operation and Capital. We expect to have consolidated feedback in the near future.

· The strategy gave MBH the credibility and profile to pitch a single-track trail development project to Parks. We have chosen Shubie Park as a logical place to develop those trails. Like with the early stages of McIntosh Run, getting a formal land agreement is not a quick or simple process. But as with the Strategy, this proposal has now gone beyond Parks and is being discussed by Operations, Capital, and Planning. Again, this is very good news.

  • · Last but not least, the Sandy Lake Collation is trying to stop development in that area. There has been some recent single track trail development in this area, and it has tremendous potential… if the area can be preserved.

We will have more information on each of these subjects on Monday.

The overall theme of this AGM is that there are amazing possibilities for permanent trail development right here in HRM! But it takes a village. Please show your support for our efforts by attending the AGM, the movie or both.





Regrets, forgot my little dude has his first lacrosse game tonight. I was looking forward to this. Will the minutes be posted somewhere?