Mountain Bike Halifax AGM

From Mountain Bike Halifax:

Please join us for the first Annual General Meeting of Mountain Bike Halifax.

All are welcome.

Monday, March 5th, 2018
Halifax Central Library
Room 301
5440 Spring Garden Road
6:30 pm

Mountain Bike Halifax is a volunteer-driven organization that strives to provide, preserve, and promote sustainable mountain biking in our community.


I made sure it was not on a Tuesday so we could all be there. :slight_smile:


That was such a good read, and now the post is gone. Didn’t want to stir the pot too much?

It was BNS meeting minutes from September. It was a mess. Things are better now I think.

The MBH founding meeting was great, lots of positive support from the room. Since then the group has made many good contacts and are engaging with the city and other organizations. I’m learning associations and government move at a glacial pace but things are pretty positive from my perspective.

Also in there was someone hacked $8k from BNS. Which is crazy. I’m guessing hacks happen quite a bit but are suppressed by banks. /tinfoil


Ahh, so that section in question is mostly irrelevant now? I didn’t know about the hack until reading the minutes now, but I know we at CKNS quickly were moved away from Dropbox for no clear reason in December.

No, not that. I thought, but wasn’t sure, if the BNS meeting in september was related to MB Halifax or just a trails thing. Not knowing, I didn’t think it appropriate to associate the two. The timelines seemed a little off. I wouldn’t mind clarification, whether that be pot stirring or not, but I guess it doesn’t matter as I am not a member of either organization. I stand by assessment of the minutes as being giberish, though.

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I think your instincts were right @tossedsalad. ECMTB is the place to discuss all things biking, and most welcomed. It’s just off topic for this thread, I think.

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This Monday night folks! C’mon out see what we’ve been up to and vote in a new board.

Also, if you would like to join the board, this is a chance to step up.

Also, I hear that councillor Mancini will be there. He shares our love of mountain biking and is a solid ally in the push for legit trails in HRM.

Honestly, it cool just to meet up with so many bikers and share ideas.

See you there!


Big thanks to everyone who came out to the meeting tonight!

We filled the room nicely.

Some much appreciated updates from Lawrence Plugg and Councillor Mancini.

The board had some shifts in positions and a new addition of Sarah Warford to the team.

President: Chuck Sutton (@chucsutt)
Vice President: Marc Gentile (@Gentile)
Treasurer: Mark Pike
Secretary: Jeff Vienneau (@JeffV )
Director At Large: Sarah Warford (@Sarah)
Director Of Operations: vacant

Full meeting minutes coming soon…


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