Mountain Bike Halifax and a Mountain Bike Strategy for HRM - Photo requirement

Some of you may recall that I put out a post a few months ago looking for volunteers to help write a municipal mountain bike strategy for HRM Council and city staff.

The very good news is that we have an excellent working group and we are making steady progress. Our target is to have a document written by this fall. One we have the content written, we will need to properly design the report. I’m sure that you will agree that any good document of this kind is enhanced by including interesting and relevant photos.

At this point, all I’m asking is that you take some pictures over the next few months. I’ll reach out again later with a Drop Box location for submissions.

Here are a few guidelines for what we will require.
-All photos must be taken in HRM.
-Images of families and kids would be encouraged.
-Try to show some ethnic and gender diversity if possible. In other words, guys on enduro bikes are cool, but we need a variety of images.
-Part of the strategy will to develop more multi-use trails, like McIntosh Run, so images of hikers, dog walkers etc are encouraged.

Thanks much,
Marc Pike
Mountain Bike Halifax


I’m sure @brightwhite has a photo I took of him that he’d like to submit.:grinning: