Mountain Bike Halifax Stickers

From MBH:

More good news! Mountain Bike Halifax stickers have arrived!

Now you can show your support for mountain bike trail development in HRM by sticking one of these on your car, bike, helmet or wherever you see most beneficial for spreading the word.

How do you score this sweet swag, you ask? Simply visit Membership – Mountain Bike Halifax Association where you can select a youth, individual or family membership. Once signed up, you’ll receive both a round logo as well as a rectangular frame sticker to show your support for trails in HRM.

Already a paid member? Thank you. You’ll be receiving your stickers within the next couple of weeks.

This is one more item in a string of good news we’ve been able to share recently (including $10,000 in recent funding) - but it is in no way the last. We are very much looking forward to announcing further developments in the days and weeks ahead. Stay tuned - and in the meantime get your membership and get stickin’!

Big thanks to Tim Foster for his work designing the logo (among his many other contributions to MBH).


Sweet! Fine looking stickers.

I like stickers…

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Can’t wait to become a member and get one on my bike, but we do need an update on what they are doing beside making stickers. So far nothing, but being a money middle man for MRWA. Somebody want to correct me on this? I’d love to hear all about the inner going-ons.

First off… if you wait for the organization to achieve results before you join you are missing the point.

Members help the group achieve the goals: 1) through support with membership or 2) active involvement such as being on the board or a committee.

It is unfair to call the group a middle man for MRWA. We are working closely with them because it is our best chance to get a foothold for a legitimate trail system in Halifax. The mountain biking community is fully behind this project and so are we. The group stated many times from its inception that our first focus will be the MRWA project.

An example of a non-MRWA activity that was mentioned in the AGM (that has been brewing since) is our discussions with Long Lake Park Association. This is still brewing though.

While some funding comes from sources where our involvement was basically to show that the mountain bike community supports the MRWA trails project, many of the funding (or in kind contribution) sources are unique to MBH.

Don’t forget it is a young organization and much of our activity to date have been related to getting setup as an organization with bank accounts, email addresses, working folders and bylaws registration. Things that are not news worthy from a mountain bikers perspective.

We are trying to be transparent by posting meeting minutes and such. As I mentioned, some things are still brewing and you may not see evidence of it until there is something solid to announce. (Or not at all as it may happen.)

Progress will always be too slow, I think. It’s the nature of it. Please support us and be patient.


Thanks for the update! I hope many great things come of it. I’m sure great things are going to come down the pipe, but the perception is a bit off to some of us on the outside.


Thanks, for letting me know, @landandwater.

We have a plan to release status updates more often through here ECMTB, facebook, the website and email newsletters.

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I added a tag (#mbh) for all mbh content that I posted. We can use it to group future MBH activity:

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I just figured all the money was going to R&D for the most super F-Ing pimped stickers ever. Like not only do they look really really ridiculously good looking, but you could also use it to repair a carbon frame without voiding your warranty or slap it on your perineum to increase your hill climbing speed and decrease your recovery time…:nerd_face:
Seriously though I’m super excited for MBH and the future of mountain biking in HRM and Nova Scotia in general!


We are lucky to have a pro like @timber, on the team for design work.


Evergreen is still better

I don’t get the reference, @ayxzer, Evergreen?

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I figured it was just me that had no idea what that meant lol

But the trees in the logo ARE evergreens, man.

Seriously, smoke more drugs.

I’m pretty sure they are red spruce. You can tell by the needles.

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I see some members are getting their stickers in the mail already. A little thanks for the support!


Got mine :grin:

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