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Darn, thought this was going to be about mtb history (Big Bear, Kamikaze, Mount Snow, Repack) but its about Red Bull, coincidentally around the same time my interest in mtb started to wane. (lol)

This opens up all sorts of thorny questions. On one hand, we all use energy. You are reading this right now courtesy of electricity…the source of which came from somewhere and had some impact on the environment. We drive cars. We heat our homes. We, in other words, demand energy.

Lolz. And, um, whats on the other hand?

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I’d guess the other hand has renewable energies that allow us some safety and creature comforts without destroying the environment we depend upon to sustain us. :slight_smile:

Would it be hypocritical to oppose energy extraction on this particular parcel simply because doing so might obliterate a place that’s part of mountain bike history and near and dear to many riders? On the other hand, should we simply continue green lighting new energy leases when there are so many already in existence that are not being utilized to their fullest? And beyond that, we’ve seen the kind of air pollution and ground water contamination that’s resulted from other leases. Should we risk that in a place that’s on the doorstep to a National Park? Should we be concerned about the health of the residents of Virgin, Utah or should we simply consider that those leases might bring more jobs to the area?

This was the other hand. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I kinda thought so but further into this paragraph he’s On the other hand, should we simply continue green lighting new energy, I just think I’m too old for millennial writing, but dudes as old as me FFS. Damn. I guess I’m just not a dude.