Mountain Bike Hunting and Fishing

Just getting stoked to get out with a bow, bike, and a tag! Came across this in my daydreaming. Hoping to take the bike out this year for Deer, 'yotes, birds of all sorts, and probably more than a few good fishing trips as well. With a telescopic rod and a take-down bow, hoping it makes for a great year. In a simpler way. And tasty. Don’t forget all those wild edibles in their seasons!

If you’ve hunted, fished or gathered by MTB, why not post up? Here’s the vid. Elk hunting by mountain bikes with bows. … dium=email

Have fun hauling that deer home on your bicycle.

I mountain bike to my favorite fiddleheading spot, I use a home made kitty litter bucket pannier to carry the bounty back. I used to mountain bike to go fishing too, had one of those dandy telescopic rods.

Fishing is one thing, but like buddy said, if you’re that far back on a bike how are you gonna get a deer out?

Why hasn’t someone posted that dumb picture of the deer on a guys back while riding a bike pic, yet? :sunglasses:

Saw some neat meat trailers guys have been making online. Mostly dirt road hauling.