Mountain Bike Project

Hello, I am a member of an engineering class for my senior year of high school, and we are working on a year long project that involves innovating the standard bike pump. We hope you take our survey, as it will greatly benefit towards our research. Thank You!

On the bike pump topic, what is everyone’s top priorities?

For me -
adaptable Presta/Shraeder head
ergonomics (good handle, able to generate good power)
rapid fillup
would be nice to have a gauge

I have four pumps - floor pump for home, floor pump for car, portable pump for mountain biking in camelback, portable pump mounted to road bike

My portable pump in my camelback is a Topeak Mountain Morph.

A cool pump with a foldout handle for good grip and power, and a fold out foot so it can be used like a floor pump. Main drawback - hose is very short.

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To add to @Rockhopper’s post: the head needs to work with both Presta and Schraeder without having to change anything.


My pump has both on the end of the hose, no need for adapters or change. Its like a single piece with both valves. Technically i could probably pump up a tube of each at a time

x 1,000,000

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Exactly. Blackburn Air Tower floor pumps “do this” but I find mine keeps getting worse with Presta valves.

I have an ancient Specialized pump with a head that fits both valve stems. This thing has been a great pump, although I’m sure the seals will eventually give up the ghost. The head’s getting a bit problematic when I have a deep rim and not much valve stem sticking out, but that’s mostly my fault.

I just want a floor pump that lasts more than a few years. I’ve had $30 pumps and $100 pumps…none of them have lasted more than 4-5 years without something crapping out. At least with the expensive ones they usually stand behind the product. A warranty replacement from Lezyne is on its way to me now.

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