Mountain Bike the Old Saint Margarets Bay Road

Here’s an interesting event put on by Our HRM Alliance, they are riding the Old St Margarets Bay Road, Sunday Aug 9 at 10:00.

On another note it seems that riding Jimmy’s Roundtop is technically illegal as it is in a Wilderness Protected Area. Does anyone ever ride there anymore?

Is the ride on the 8th the same one that there’s the talk about RCMP and ticketing cyclists riding two abreast?

Much of the Jimmy’s Roundtop loop is outside of or excluded from the Wilderness Protected Area as can be seen on the map at the bottom of this page: I still ride there occasionally. The signs don’t say no bikes and I don’t feel bad about it since ATVs are allowed (via permit).

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@riderx, I think that was the WBL Wednesday night Jambro ride. Lots of commentary on the WBL FB page about that. No tickets last night, but it seems the group has a local ‘fan’ who has been making noise. A little scary, actually.

The 8th is a Saturday :smile:

Fixed. Sunday Aug 9, Good eye! Time and dates don’t mean that much to me so it’s an easy slip on my part.

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Did anyone make it out for this? Some great pics of the ride posted on the FB page