Mountain Bike Trails for Halifax and Vicinity

Thanks for the updated copy- my 2006 paper copy is in decent shape but it’s nice to have an updated version!

I thought I posted this in a ‘forum’ but I guess I’m a noob at this. Here goes again…

This is in the public domain now. Hope the link works… … trails.pdf

Hey wow, a classic piece of Halifax DIY right there. Anyone been to the Roundtop recently?

There’s a trail in there called TELSAT aka Club Rd. I worked there for 11 years didn’t know anyone biked there.

Having flash backs… funny.

We mostly did winter rides there, its pretty wet and rutted in the summer.

Thanks a lot for this, MG! I discovered a lot of trails using this book, and often carried the maps with me when I explored a new one.

Thanks for sharing Randy. This is a slightly newer version than the ratty hardcopy that has been in my camelback for quite a few years.

@Mixed Greens - is your book still online somewhere?

Many thanks again for producing it and helping many of us find trails to ride.

I think @mixedgreens = @tossedsalad ?

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@Rockhopper I still have a hard copy if you want to borrow it sometime.

Well, he did say it was public domain now, so here’s a link to the copy I saved:


That was a lot of fun looking at that and seeing how much the trails have changed. Some are gone/unrideable and some have been added to significantly. I started riding in 2000 and have a previous edition of this somewhere. LOL I used to study this like a textbook looking for places to ride. If I remember the “cover” was on a blue sheet of paper. It seems crazy now but I remember laminating each page and keeping it in my Camelback like some ancient pirate treasure map

The first year of my riding life was filled with lots of awesome riding, exploring and falling in love. I spent a PILE of time on the trails in Burnside plowing around on an $800 Kona NuNu hardtail and before that on a bit of a “mutt” bike my brother built before he was killed. I know it sounds crazy but I could feel him with me during every pedal stroke. It was fantastic therapy and a great way to feel his spirit continuing to live on, in me. I loved those trails. It was kinda of like your first girlfriend. You have ridden many since but that first one always has a special place in your heart

Oh the nostalgia


Thanks, @Ghost. Just what I was looking for.

Yes, @Muddy. Great memories on many of the trails in the book, including Burnside. Had many a great rip there. Miss that trail a bit.

Not my favourite version, later on I’ll scan some of them from over the years. Should give people some perspective on how good we have it now.