Mountain Biker Name Generator

What’s yours? MIne is Roost Blaster…

Steel Animal! Funnily appropriate, I ride steel bikes and smell like animals :shock:

Hahahahaha…I’m Berm Boss


I’m a slide hopper, what ever the hell that is.

I’m Cadence Chief. My wife does laugh at how fast I pedal.

Carbon Angel…lol, Steel Lover would be a bit better :wink:

Bonk King here…

haha, drift animal!

Wheelie Angel.

Granny Gear Chopper. I didn’t even no bikes had granny gears!

Dirt Blaster. Why didn’t we see this before we all made up our user names!?!

Singletrack Tactician - They must mean my frequent trips into the local fona

Roost Zombie… since I’m only 6 posts in a name change might be in order

hahaha :lol:

WTF is a Roost Zombie???

Braaaaiiiinnns Braaaaaiiinnnnnnsss


WTF is a Roost Zombie???

Braaaaiiiinnns Braaaaaiiinnnnnnsss[/quote]

Rooooooossssssssssst Rooooooosssssssssst

maybe I should buy some goggles :geek:

Roost King, not a bad name