Mountain biking in Cape Breton?

Has anyone heard any recent updates about mtb trails in Cape Breton?
I’d seen Bike and Play - Cape Smokey, + Cape Breton county aims for economic boost with new mountain bike strategy | CBC News, and was curious if there was any movement on those (or any others?).

The short answer is no/don’t hold your breath.

Plans like these take many years to implement and this is Nova Scotia so nothing happens fast. It’s highly dependent on funding and motivated individuals or groups.


Sucks because after living here for a bit there are soooooo many good zones.

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Rich ski hill owners could drop a million on bike park for their property in a heartbeat if they thought it could pay back.

Honestly I don’t even know how they keep a ski hill running here at all. I can’t imagine ticket sales pay for all the costs.

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Prudent business planning and practices? Multiple revenue streams? Local community support?

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