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a quick setup and edit test. going to need a longer cable!


I have to say I have a much greater appreciation for the effort required to get the amazing shots you see in the videos. That 11 second clip took at least an hour to film including scouting the spot (which is 50ft from my front door) getting the 30 foot cable and camera set up and taking half a dozen shots. Of course my “Grip” was a 5 year old so that may have been a factor.


I am going to try rope cause its a lot lighter to transport and be cheaper I think if I use a rachet strap is could take away the slack

Super kool

I have made quite a few videos of the trails here in NL. I carry two cameras, soon to be 3. I have a ION Air with helmet mount and bar mount. Sometime I mount the camera on a buddy’s bar so I can get in the action. :slight_smile: I have another ION that I have to unpackaged. The other camera is a cheap Cannon point and shoot with HiDef video. Its mounted on a gorilla pod and it gets attached to trees and stuff.

Getting the shot is sometimes pure luck. Editing is the real time burner.

The big problem with rope is that it stretches way more than steel cable. I just happened to have the cable laying around so that’s what I used.

I used ratchet straps and was surprised by the amount of tightening required to get 30 feet of clothesline cable slack free so the cam would travel freely along the whole length at a shallow angle so it didn’t travel too fast.

Of course you may not need to get all the slack out to get a good shot.

@FatbikeRepublic I hear ya about editing

All depends on the rope but if you attach a rachet strap to it that will do the trick . I rather carry rope then heavy bulky cable any day of the week

Editing was never an issue when it comes to things I love I’m a nerd like that

I’ve been playing around with my new camera lately, trying different mounting options but haven’t got a huge amount of useable footage. I’ve found handlebar mounting is the worst for moving shots, vomit educing shakiness on my rigid bike. I did a sternum strap mount on my pack that worked okay, just got to remember to point the camera up a lot to account for being in a riding position. Helmet mount just feels stupid and on most of the trails I ride I bang it on branches too much. I’m not a fan of huge amounts of 1st person perspective shots anyway. Ultimately I like just holding the camera or setting it up on the ground and taking the shot. My camera has the standard thread in the bottom so I just screw in a piece of threaded rod and stick it in the ground to position the camera. That’s how I shot the Irishman’s Rd video

Yeah that’s a good one @bent6543. Nice work.
Gore 2016
threw this together for the riders at this years Gore fest


@Spin cool, thanks for sharing.

Lolz, here’s some ‘classic’ footage

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