Movie making

Would like to get a few people together and make a mtb trail movie . We need to promote all the great trails we have around the HRM


I have a million GoPro clips of all major trail systems and features if that helps

It sure would be . Looking at a go pro myself which model do you have

I’m sure i can dig up some footage as well.

Great thanks so much . Can’t wait to get started

It would be killer to get a pro level short film shot in Nova Scotia showcasing the great riding in the area. We have allot to offer and most people outside of the maritimes have no idea the level of riding that goes on in Nova Scotia.


It would have been awesome if Descent Bike had made an episode here. They did Ontario, Quebec and NFLD though.

Never know what may happen down the road

Got 2 maybe 3 cameras they use micro sd 1080 good picture but for stationary only .waiting on a new camera to test as well.its kind of a knock off but looks like and can do the job we shall see =)

In my opinion the camera quality is secondary to taking the time to set up the shots or maximum action or to effectively highlight a particularly technical section of trail. Videos with tons of helmet cam with no rider in the shot are the absolute worst as far as I’m concerned.

One good tip for doing “follow cam” or panning shots is using a mono-pod attached to the camera as a counter weight to create a primitive steady-cam.


So true I am really looking forward to making this movie so much to think about and try .really want to hit the wow factor that’s for sure. Thanks for the feedback

Cable cam shots can really put you in the action, and they’re pretty easy to make, this is the simplest DIY I’ve seen. If you’re handy (and a pack-rat like me) I’m sure it could be made with stuff just laying around the house. One thing I would change is using clothesline cable instead of rope, and use an old rag tied onto the cable as a stop for the rig so it doesn’t smash into your anchor point.

and how to rig the cable:

and a bungee brake if you want to be really fancy:

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I would like to be part of this too.

I have one of these

And have been looking to get a 2 axis gimbal to steady the shots. It is not large enough to carry my DSLR but it will tote around my GoPro pretty easily.

Keep me in the loop on when anything is happening.


It’s called wifi cam knock off of gopro fraction of the cost so far only down fall so far is the battery life but the batteries are cheap so if you get 4 or 5 you can do a good shoot.

At a quick glance it really does look like a gopro…I was gifted one of these:, it shoots 720p @ 30fps. I’m sure that will be plenty for my applications and probably better than the point 'n shoot camera I used to film my previous 2 videos. As soon as I get a memory card I can see what it does.

I’ve got one of the Sony Action Cams and would love to be involved!

How’s the Sony cam treating you I want one of them they are like a gopro hero 3 but half the cost I heard

The Sony is pretty decent, nice and small, picture quality is generally good but low light performance is not great- adds a fair bit of noise to the picture. Here’s a little test I did to see how it would perform and also to try working with Windows Movie Maker which while easy kind of sucks… lol

Battery life in the cold also isn’t that great so I plan on picking up a couple of spares.

Also, handlebar mounts suck so I’m going to pick up a helmet mount for it.

Yea handle bars suck so distorted but check out the zipline mount on the top of the post . We will go for a ride make notes and get an idea of what to shoot .

Just whipped this together this evening. Stay tuned for some test footage.