Movie- Strength in Numbers

nothing says ‘this is serious business’ better than super slo-mo… is free brodcasting Strength in Numbers live at 4pm today. Looks like a pretty good film from the preview.

Bought the HD version in iTunes today for 12.99

I thought this one wasn’t that great. I did think the filming and editing was really slick, some really amazing shots, nutso riding, maybe a bit too much of the 800 fps stuff.

Just thought it missed the mark on their concept of “a bike movie that is about how all sides of the mountain bike world are connected should be accessible to all mountain bikers!” It didn’t have the variety I was expecting, just another gravity film.

It’s being shown next Thursday night somewhere up in Truro. Presented by Redbull, and free as well, I believe. I’ll check the poster the Red Bull girls dropped off at the shop for more details.

I’m watching it in stages between ahem… “work”. I haven’t seen a XC section yet, or fat guys doing their best to blast a loggin road :slight_smile: But its a fun watch.

And for the record that 4 year old at 800fps WINS.

Bignose, you’re funny … you made me laugh with your comment of 12:41 p.m.

Is 800fps more of that slo-mo stuff with lots of sillouettes and oakley goggles reflecting the sun etc?