Moving to Halifax May 2019



The family and I are moving from NZ to HRM in 4 weeks.

I’m keen to get some riding in over summer as I’m not going to be able to work until for at least 3 months. Unfortunately I’m only bringing 1 bike with me which is being shipped in a container and probably won’t arrive until that time too.

Pinkbike’s been good to find out about what trails are about but I’d like to find some shop or group rides to join in on.

Are there any regular group rides during evenings and weekends?

Also where is the best place to buy a 2nd hand bike?

I’ve sold all but the bike I’m bringing so wouldn’t mind getting another hardtail I can build up for winter riding.

Anyway looking forward to getting there and settled.



Welcome to Halifax/Nova Scotia. The riding scene is unreal, and there are plenty of opportunities to Ride. On Facebook there is a group called " bike gear for sale - Maritime Region" always has some 2nd hand bikes up for grabs.


Welcome, David.

ECMTB does a Tuesday night ride a at 7pm. IT is a pretty laid back ride but we ride some technical stuff sometimes. You, of course, are welcome to join us.

As far as finding a bike goes, in addition to the facebook group
Kijiji Halifax is good to keep an eye on.
Pinkbike buy and sell is good as well.


Thanks guys.

I’ll definitely come join the group ride once I get a bike sorted.

It’s been a long time since we were in Halifax during the summer (we always ended up being there for Christmas). How light is it in the evenings from May to August?

Do you recommend I bring lights with me or leave in the container?


Bring lights. We are still riding in darkness for the last half of out 7pm rides.


I had to look it up :slight_smile:.

Last year May 22 was our last ride requiring lights:


May to August are the longest days of the year. I’ve done rides up to 9pm without lights.


Hi David

What size bike are you looking for. I’ve got a size large XC hardtail I might be interested in selling. Welcome aboard!

This is a great group for a few rides every week, and there’s shop rides, racing and good times to be had…once the trail dry out a bit in a few weeks (we hope)



Welcome, David.

Yes, bring lights. In peak summer, it can stay light almost to 10:00, but inevitably I end up riding later into the evening, and need lights to get me out of the trail. Helmet mounts work best for our trails.

Trailforks is a great way to find trails around here, and if you install the app on your smartphone will help keep you from getting lost:
There are lots of trails around, but you may have to drive a bit to get to them.

The Tuesday ECMTB group ride is a great way to meet other riders and get tours of the local trails. There are other group and shop rides, and people often organize rides through ECMTB. If you want a tour of a trail, post the request to ECMTB, and someone will almost certainly offer to give you a tour.

If you can afford it, full-suspension works best on most of our trails. Our trails tend to be rocky and rooty. Lots of bumps. A hardtail will be fine too, but on the hardcore trails will beat you up a bit more.


@m0rk, might have some tips. He moved here last year from UK, I think?


Hi Alan

I do ride a large. I could be interested in an XC hardtail, send me some details. Ideally I’m after a 29er trail hardtail but they may just be a pipe dream, all depends on how cheaply we get out of NZ.

Hopefully I get riding early summer, I lost a lot of riding for our summer getting the house ready for sale, and not sure what winter will hold for me this year… I’m used to riding throughout the year without any breaks.



Cheers Rockhopper

I’ve moved lights from the container pile to the suitcase pile.

The only bike I’m bringing is my FS trail bike. I was intending to bring it as checked luggage but Air Canada’s luggage rules seem very hard to navigate and we’re doing 2 stopovers the only real option is to ship it. A hardtail will tie me over till August and give me a second bike.

As soon as I’m sorted I’ll come join a group ride, would be good to meet some riders over there and see the trails.


Would a fat bike do? I’ve been tempted to sell my 2017 RSD Mayor for the new 2019 RSD Mayor. Would sell with 29+ wheelset, then you have the option to ride fat in the winter.

Would love to hear about NZ, am considering trying to relocate there from NS!


We’ve been in Halifax a few weeks now and starting to settle in. 2 of the kids started school which frees up some time.

I bought a bike today, Kona Honzo DL, so looking forward to getting riding again.

I’ll hopefully join a group ride soon, I’m just waiting on a 2nd vehicle as we only have one. Will just start exploring the local area and trails around Bayer’s Lake in the next week.

I’ve never considered a fat bike Ian, not really a thing in NZ! I’m definitely happy to let you know more about NZ.


Where are you living David?

I work in Bayers Lake much of the time, and need to get out after work more often


Welcome, David!

If you’re up near Bayers Lake…

First trail to get to know is the Clayton Park Power Line trail (Mainland North Linear Parkway on Google maps), and the trails around Belcher’s Marsh and Little Belcher’s Pond. These are all crusher dust park trail, but get you out, and good for the kids. There are some big and/or steep hills.

Hemlock Ravine is another gravel park trail nearby.

Glenbourne Park off Parkland has some dirt jumps and a nice pump track.

There is a rail-to-trail crusher dust trail called the BLT Trail that can be accessed through Bayers Lake. Not very exciting trail, but beats sitting on a trainer.

As far as singletrack, there was an awesome trail known as the “Whopper Dropper” up in Bayers Lake, but it’s currently being turned into parking lots and health centers. There are still lots of trails remaining of the Whopper Dropper system. Currently access is from the Lakeside Business Park through a trail called, “Da Minion” - the builders can correct me if I spelled it wrong. :slight_smile:

I haven’t been into Wrandees (Long Lake Provincial Park) in a long time, but there is gravel park trail, and old school Nova Scotia singletrack (rocky and rooty). Don’t go in off St. Margaret’s Bay Road, as its a favorite spot for dog walkers, and the place is covered in dog pee and poop. Better to go in off Dunbrack St./Northwest Arm Dr.


The Trailforks website and/or app will be your best source for where to ride.