MRWA - Flat Lake Trail Work

Join us for the first volunteer trail building session of 2019!

We’ll meet at the “Spar” Trailhead on Mica Crescent in Spryfield and walk in together with tools, about 20 minutes. Wear sturdy shoes and work gloves. We will be finishing the new trail beside “Climb of Champions”, polishing the approach to the new boardwalk, and putting up signs. All are welcome, no experience necessary.
Kid Friendly


Kick off the spring trail work season right with the first MRWA session.

Just think how great this trail system has become thanks to the volunteers so far. Imagine how good it will become!

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You all are going to love the new climb :upside_down_face:


I’m 13 and i would have to get dropped off so i would have to keep my bike with me I would like to help but i couldn’t leave my bike at the entrance any suggestions. could i bring my bike to where we would be working

Yes you can definitely bring your bike to the worksite.

ok thanks

We designed this to, not only be a good climb, but, a fun descent. Until we actually get to ride it; we will see.
We might even put another burm at the bottom of the descent to make that sharp turn onto the wooden bridge. Oh I can,t wait!! See you Sunday.


I do not have any useful tools to bring, but I look forward to doing what I can to get some sick new trails built with you guys!


There will be tools there.

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Welcome to the site, @CurvedSpaceTime!

It’s still on right I’m just wondering because of the weather

I would say so. Trail work can happen with rain, no problem. Tomorrow is still supposed to be nice, so it will be better than today.