MRWA Trail

Hello MRWA Trail Volunteers
We continue to make steady progress on the new singletrack trail thanks to many hands doing hard work.

Our upcoming trail build days are:

  • Thanksgiving Monday (build up your appetite or work off your turkey)
  • Thursdays. Oct 13 and 20.
  • Saturdays. Oct 15 and 22.

We’ll start at 8:30 am and work until around 12:30 each day. Come for as much, or as short a time, as you are able. One day or multiples! We’ll meet at the park on Norawarren Drive. If we have to cancel because of rain we will send an email before 8:00 am and update the MRWA Facebook page.
Want to attend but Sunday works better than Saturday for you? Email us to check, as sometimes a Builder goes out Sunday too.
Bring gloves, water and sturdy footwear. We have tools but an extra lopper, shovel or Pulaski never hurt.
It’s been a beautiful Autumn in the woods.
RSVP to so we can plan to keep you busy!



If all goes well I will be there Monday.

That’s great Jeff. We did a lot since last time you were there. See you there.

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