MTB as therapy

I’ve been off my bike for two Weeks, things aren’t right! It’s like I need this to be centered.

Hopefully, I can get my brake fixed tomorrow.

Can, I get a boo ya!


Yesterday I did a leisurely 13k ride around first/second lake. It was crushed gravel but VERY therapeutic. I figure if I can get that in 3 times a week all winter I’ll be a much less grumpy person. I’ve been tired and had the 4:30 darkness blahs for a few weeks and that helped break the funk.

So yup, its totally therapy.

Agreed! Totally good for my mental state to get out and get the blood flowing… riding is ‘me time’.

Yeah, the Evil B ride yesterday fixed me right up.

I’m happy my brake rebuild worked out well too.

I so agree, biking keeps me sane! I’m not sure how sane I actually am, but at least at a socially acceptable level without medication.

It’s not just cycling in the physical aspect, but the vast network of friends one gathers.