‘MTB Licence’ Proposed In USA

This is in the US, but opens up the idea of licensing for mtbers. Lots of logistics to work out here.

Won’t have to worry about that around here for a long time. You don’t need a license to ride illegal trails. Plus MTB is an “emerging sport” in the political world, we’re barely on the radar.

Based on the history of bicycle licensing in cities around the world, Halifax included, I wouldn’t worry. It’s been a flop each and every time, and the last time it was raised before Halifax council it was squashed. Some reasons include:

  • The program operates at a loss
  • Licensing doesn’t discourage “bad” behaviour of cyclists
  • Licensing of bicycles deters cycling, which is contrary to the Active Transportation Plan.

I don’t know why they always have to be picking on cyclists and pedestrians.


I look at this particular case more along the lines of hunting licenses or entry fees to national parks and not really a motor vehicle act requirement. This one makes more sense to me so long as there are mtb legal, wilderness trails on public property.