MTB trails in Sydney Area?

Looking for MTB Trails in the Sydney area. Carmichael Trails in Sydney River looks promising on Trailforks. Worth checking out?

If you’re there anyway then yes, worth a ride. Mostly XC type singletrack with some atv trails you can link up to make a longer ride.

Framework Cycle in Sydney used to do group rides there. You may be able to hook up with them, or someone at the shop could at least recommend a decent route.

PS. There is nothing else in the Sydney area worth riding that I know of.



I rode it once, it was ok. Had a couple fun sections. It’s the only place to ride in the area


I live in Westmount and can confirm the opinions of the others. The drainage in some spots, especially on the atv trails, sucks balls. But the bike trails have good drainage and are pretty fun to go for a rip on. Definitely XC type trails. I would recommend if you’re already in the area