Muc off bike wash? What's so special about it

I keep seeing videos on Instagram and YouTube of pros washing their bikes down with muc off…

Whata so special about it over other soaps… is it worth paying $20 for a bottle it it. I just use eirher dish soap or car washing soap whicu is $12 for 2.5L jug…

It just works… Really. Damn. Well. Their nanotechnology used in the formula is unsurprisingly effective getting rid of even tough stuff like PEI clay.
I love it.
I’ll probably only use it when I wash my “super bike” because she deserves it. Lol

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Gotcha. Maybe I’ll pick up a bottle then next Time I’m in the store. I do need to gef some water displacement spray anyway

typically when there was no issue with stock, we would carry the 1L bottle with a spray nozzle, I haven’t been able to get stock in months. should have it back in for Feburary…and it does work really well, we have used it in the shop.

Looks like theres shortages right across the board. Cyclesmith is out . Dunno about Halifax cycle. Sport wheels doesnt have it listed

Its twice as much on amazon because its sold by a third party company and the amazon prime doesnf cover shipping.

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Soap and water buddy.


Talk to me goose. Wheres viper!!!

That’s what I’ve been using. Just warm water and car soap in a spray bottle after I hose it off

Check Velofix, they sell it as well and may still have stock

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Huge fan of all the Muc Off Products I have used.

Their chain degreaser, MO94 and wet lube are far superior to anything I have used in the past.

Highly recommend the M094


I also use the M094 and the dry chain lube. They work great. Heck i’ve even used their degreaser formula too. Honestly, their marketing is impressive and they don’t make crap. I wouldn’t be here talking it up if I knew it wasn’t a waste of money!

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Cool cool. Chain lube wise I use finish line wet and dry. And have wd40 degreaser right now

I do like the idea of muc offs brake disc cover thoufh

Mucoff is great vs soap because there is less soap suds to deal with. You don’t have to hose down your bike when washing so you can do it easily indoors.

Edit: I’m actually thinking of the finish line brand…but assuming they are similar.

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I like that idea… as winters here and my fat bike is my daily rider for commuting to work… slow days I just set it on the work bench in our shop and clean it up

I usually use the finishline version. Accidentally bought the ‘no water wash’ mucoff awhile ago. While good for already clean road bikes it does not really make sense for muddy MTB bikes.

Haven’t used a bucket and a sponge in years, spray n wash is my jam.

I use the full line, but normally will use car soap and brush for frame 70% of the time, then when it’s really dirty I will break out the nanotechnology. The drivetrain cleaner has worked wonders and has extended drivetrain life substantially combined with ceramic lube.

The best product IMO is the Bike Protect spray. Makes the bike look new and makes dirt harder to stick so ultimately means you don’t need to wash your bike as much and less crap will be stuck on your frame while you ride.

Overall the Muc Off products are great! If I could only have a few items I would get drivetrain cleaner, and bike protect spray. Then use car soap or their bike cleaner.

Velofix has some in stock, and sportchek has lots of WD40 cleaners and other products in stock but I can’t speak to how they work compared to mucoff.

Side note,
Mucoff face masks are amazing! I use them during work and school and some days I will have mask on from 9-9, and these masks are worth it! Plus they have dust filters and other things. They don’t get sucked into my mouth and they stay cool. Plus, they look super rad! Velofix just got a shipment of them in, and I can’t say enough good things about them!!

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The WD 40 products aren’t bad, not a huge fan of the clean spray but I do like the degreaser and the lube