Mucky Nutz

Picked up one of these ay MEC yesterday and am hoping to get a good test of it with the coming wet weather… anyone used one of these before? thoughts?

WTF is it?

What is it ken? A fender or visor?

It’s a front fender that faces backwards… a few of the DH World Cup guys are using them with good results.

Going for a ride Sunday morning so I should get a good test of it’s effectiveness…

Can’t get pic to upload so here’s a link to see what it looks like installed … ender.jpeg

I like it!

I guess I’ll cut one out of an old windshelf washer fluid jug and use some zip ties! Nice design :slight_smile: Easy to rip off ehehe.

Yeah, not to hard to hack this one… :expressionless:

Might make fork seals last longer.

Good point Aaron… :idea:

Went out for a dirty ride on the Cob and I’ve got mixed reviews for this product… while it did divert the dirt/water from spraying up towards your face, it seemed instead to channel it back towards the legs and feet. Not that it mattered today, as the river crossings were mid calf soakers anyway.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Would have been a 3 if I had hacked it instead of paying for it…lol

Or you could just not ride wet trails.

No worries… I wreck 'em, I fix 'em :slight_smile:

In all honesty, the whole ‘trail preservation’ thing is a bit overdone. I say: ride when and where you want, whenever. There are so few mtbers these days its barely a drop in the bucket as far as trail damage is concerned.

i think it depends upon the trail. BornAgainKen builds the trails he rides… he can do whatever he wants to them. The trails in they valley have a shittonne of dirt and work into them, riding in the rain would pooch them. (They have a higher rider population too i’m convinced). That being said, I think spider is pretty indifferent to rain and whopper obviously is.

Its definitely worth a discussion (in another thread) :slight_smile:

If you’ve been riding Fight Trail for the last few years you’ll notice how the much the trail has deteriorated since the new access at the top construction area has increased usage. A lot of people are riding it in the wet and very few are putting in volunteer hours on the trail. Those who have been working on the trail have done an amazing job of armouring wet areas. More work is needed. If you ride it, maybe you should skip a day when it’s wet and do some work instead.

Well said… :sunglasses:

Just to be clear, I do not recommend riding trails when they’re wet… as a trial builder, going out after a significant rainfall reveals areas that need work. It was also perfect conditions for testing out my new piece of kit, which was what this thread was about… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m thinking of getting a couple of these now for my fork seals and front derailleur. I’ll still rock actual MTB fenders in the slop. And as for the trail, NS is full of some non-MTB specific stuff a rider can use in the wet. All the logging roads up my way are alright to get out and disappear on for a while, and the powerlines can be fun as well. Look at the mess ATV’s make compared to us as well! Maybe ride some of their beat down trails, if you can hold your breath long enough to cross the deeper stuff.

Good to know MEC has them.

i got to say that i strongly disagree with this statement. it is just that kind of thinking that has seen so many of our local trails be damaged thru riding in the wet and soft conditions. sections that take hours to build or repair can be wrecked in minutes if riden in the wrong conditions. there is a time and place for everything.

I see some truth in what you are both saying. Mechwarrior’s statement seems to ring with me, in as much as if you only ride when it’s prime, you might as well buy a road bike, at least here in Nova Scotia. However, Darkmyth knows all too well about how much work goes into making a nice flowy trail. The valley trails, Gore, etc, seem too good to carve up in the wet. Wrandee’s, however, is a lost cause. It’s physical make-up is one reason, but the sheer number of walkers means it’s getting beat-up anyways.

Look at the UK. Shyte weather. They ride anyways, and they produce amazing riders. I don’t know what the build scene is like there, but maybe we aren’t meant to have smooth buff stuff all over NS. There are some gems, for sure, but I think it’s mostly a wet/messy/rooty/rocky mess for a reason. Maybe just keep riding that old stuff and keep the good stuff for the good days.

I just want cleaner fork seals.