Multiple items for Sale $12.00

Love that Cinder Cone frame! too bad the GF would kill me if I brought home another frame… lol

@gtrguy Hence, me selling the frame. I’ve been told 11 bikes is too many…

Might end up selling more stuff as I make my way through my stash of bike parts.

I’ll keep an eye out for your ads… :slight_smile:

Wondering about the Tourney RD, it has integrated hanger I believe? Could this work with a bike with a replaceable hanger?

I am thinking of putting an MTB cassette on my wife’s triple road bike to make it more useful for semi-loaded touring, and the existing Sora RD just won’t do it (max sprocket is 26T with chainwrap of like 36T or something).

That is actually Pending pick up at the moment. However, to answer your question. Yes it will work with a replacable hanger.

That is a great idea to change to an mtb cassette. It makes the hills a bit easier. I did that with my touring bike and even threw a deore derailleur on (mostly because I wrapped my sora around my hub while riding off road with it…oops).

Thanks for answering the question and good luck with the selling. Cheers!