MVP Trail Closures

From the MTB Fredericton facebook page…

Certain trails at MVP have been closed by the landowner, with signage, tape, and felled trees. RVC has met with the landowner and is hopeful that a positive resolution can be reached.
While the closure is not a response to any bad behaviour by RVC, mountain bikers, or other trail users, we cannot understate how important it is that we all respect it. DO NOT disturb the trees, tape, and signage and DO NOT use the closed trails. Our ability to work with this landowner and with other property owners and managers going forward depends on everyone’s cooperation.
We will continue to work with the landowner and provide updates as we can.



The Marysville Trail System is completly open. The landowner who had some trails blocked wants everyone to enjoy the weekend before the snow is too deep to mountain bike. He also wants everyone to have a great time fat biking and snowshoeing the trails during the winter months.