My kid needs an education-on the trails!

Where should I take him this week? He’s 7 and a veteran of the cyclesmith kids shortrack races. He can bike up to the top of keppoch and likes spider lake.
I’d love to ride fight trail with him but don’t think he’s ready yet.
Thinking of going to spider lake if it’s not too wet? I’ve heard Irishmans road might be good, if not too wet?
Any suggestions?

I’d say Irishman’s is an excellent place to bring him given his experience. For the most part it is smooth, twisty singletrack. Very much like Reservoir Park in Wolfville which would also be excellent. Both spots should have pretty good conditions right now.

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Irishman’s and Reservoir Park sound like good choices.

Nine Mile River is a pretty fun, not very technical ride. It needs to be dry for a few days, or a freeze; otherwise it can be wet and muddy.

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Thanks for suggestions, ended up going to irishmans. Unfortunately he wasn’t really feeling the stoke due to the cold. I’ll take him again when the weather gets warmer!

Yeah, been there.

Irishman’s has some exposure, so the wind can get at you there. Nine Mile is in the trees and much more sheltered.

Reservoir Park has a skills park and pumptrack that he might enjoy trying out. The beginner loop and skills park are pretty close to the park entrance if he’s feeling the cold.

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