Na Beinn Trails Association Needs Your Help!

From @yanner and his trail association in Mabou Cape Breton…

I have both good news and bad news. The good news is that Na Beinn Trails has been awarded two grants to aid in the development of cycling in the area.

The first is part of Mountain Equipment Co-op’s community investment program. It is an “Activity and Access” grant, for the construction of a beginner-friendly off-road bike trail and a pump track as the first component of a bicycle skills park. The grant is in the amount of $5137 with an additional $675 in merchandise. This project was one of 17 selected out of over 100 applications in this category.

The second grant is from the Community Health Board. We should feel very lucky, since their funding allotment was very tight this year. This grant will contribute an additional $1000 to the pump track project.
What is a pump track you ask? It is a man-made track with shaped rollers and berms. The bike is principally propelled by body motion over your bicycle (pumping), rather than pedaling. This makes it a phenomenal workout and also develops great riding skills. I’ve attached a photo of a pump track in Philadelphia as an example but they can be of any configuration and size!

The bad news is that I may not be in a position to spend the entire summer here to see these projects through. In fact, they are already behind where they should be at this stage for successful completion. With this in mind, I’d like to call on anyone and everyone who would like to see these projects added to the collection of invaluable assets in our area to get involved!

A handful of individuals are needed to do some of the administrative and communication heavy lifting that is needed, behind the scenes, to make such projects take off. Additionally, we’ll plenty of willing bodies to put in some sweat equity and know-how in the physical construction.

Here is a chance to add another great asset to our community, particularly something that will engage youth, so please get involved! I will be happy to help get the ball rolling. We only have to look as far as Keppoch Mountain, just outside Antigonish, to see the success such a project can have.

Please share with everyone you know. I can be contacted through this page, or via

Thanks all,