Name That Trail

The highlighted area that runs below Herring Cove Rd - does anyone know what that’s called, or if it’s even ridable? On google maps it looks like a lot of exposed rock and clearly defined ATV trails. Or maybe it’s just all swamp.

That’s the “Rocking Stone”, I’ve heard of people riding in there but never been myself…

here’s a couple of tracks people have left online

I know that one as ‘The Fields of Athen Spry’… there’s some good riding in there- some 4 wheeler track, some nice single track and some old roads… I rode it a lot last summer but haven’t been in during the winter. There are a few different branches of trail.

Not sure about that section but… right across the street is some of the finest and most unique singletrack you will find anywhere in North America.

In my (not so) humble opinion.

Yeah, wondering if this area gets overlooked because Fight trail is such a magnet and gets all the attention.

I smell trail building opportunity… :stuck_out_tongue:

I did some recon in there about 7 or 8 years ago when we lived in Herring cove. It really wasn’t anything special. A lot of bog and brambles if I recall correctly.
Randy Gray likely knows for sure though.

Rode through there 20 years ago, nothing special. Did a hike off of the end of the soccer field 3 years ago, more meh.

Wrong… the smell was trail building fail… :expressionless: