Necessary Skill

I feel like the more I ride, the more I need to perfect this skill around HRM. Definitely one of the better videos I’ve watched yet on detailing how it’s done.


Nice video! I saw @chucsutt do this to get up on top of the “ECMTB rock” at Whopper and never really understood how it was possible.

Can it be done with flat pedals, or does the exploding bit require you to be clipped in and bring the bike up with you?

This comes in handy everywhere in Fight Trail. It’s the same motion with flat pedals as with clipless, and honestly, one is no easier than the other.

If you can learn to bunny hop with flat pedals, you can learn to do this as well. Practice getting the rear wheel off the ground on flat ground and then start trying this over small obstacles like curbs.


The cure for a low bottom bracket! I’ve got some practicing to do.

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Good to know… Will give it a shot.

I can get up most stuff but attempting a picnic table would probably be a little much. I find on the granite so long as I get the front up the rest will follow. Pretty sure that wouldn’t work on a table. What is this “ECMTB” rock you speak of?

I’m guessing he means the slab at top of power lines. That’s where we took the logo picture.

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That is the one. We should slap a decal on it to really stake a claim.

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