Need Supplies? (coffee)

Well, with all the restaurant and bar and cafe closures, the Roastery has ceased operations for the time being. I 100% support these closures for the best interest of our public health. However, this will make times economically challenging, as I’m sure it will for many people. Long story short, I have been practicing social distancing (my entire life tbh :joy:) and have not done any travelling of any sort even out of the province for the past year, I am healthy and have not been in contact with anyone who has travelled or displaying any symptoms - If anyone wants to buy some fresh roasted fair trade organic coffee, sealed in a clean and safe professional environment, let me know!
A variety of blends will be available including the same ones I roast for chromag, if anyone is interested I’m sure I roast something to your tastes.
We can arrange a designated and isolated drop off point.
On average around $15 for a 1lbs bag, can be ground if needed.


I don’t drink coffee; but my girlfriend does. For what it’s worth, she has tried out these beans and she’s a fan. As a former Starbucks manager, I think she knows a little about coffee. :wink:

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I’ll be doing a city run probably in next couple days if anyone is in need

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Thank you to those who have reached out!
I am afraid this service will no longer be available for the current time.

Thanks for the beans, glad I made it in time. Be safe dude.