New 29" rims needed

I was riding today at Keppoch and unfortunately managed to mangle my front rim pretty bad. I’m now in the market for a new one and was wondering if anyone had suggestions/recommendations on what to get.
I Ride a Trek X-caliber 7 2015, with 29" wheels, and a Rockshox XC30 fork if that helps. Any assistance with this would hugely appreciated.


Spank or WTB have my vote. CRC has some crazy deals on full wheelsets and rims right now too.

Awesome, thank you! The deals look pretty good for them!

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Also this appears to be your first post! So welcome to ECMTB!

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I think it’s much more common that folks mangle their rear rims. It might be worth checking the Pinkbike buy and sell. There are always a lot of front wheels on it. Just be “buyer beware” .

For anyone interested. Boost spaced fulcrum wheelset is 157.00 at CRC marked down from 500 ish for 29 and boost sunringle duroc 27.5 is like 161 from 900 plus.

Thank you for all the advice everyone, I actually checked and my hub is still in good condition. I’m buying a new wider set rim for stiffness and having the wheel rebuilt around the hub. Now the only choice left is for what set of wheels to put on it.

I’d be torn between Spank Oozy and Stans Flow. I’m pretty on the fence over which I will get.

Going with a different rim may require different length spokes, plus the cost of re-lacing your wheel, along with the cost of the new rim can add up quick. Make sure you know the full cost of rebuilding vs buying a complete wheel before you pull the trigger.

Yeah I took the day today going around to price out different options and considering ordering the parts. Online would be cheeper but the shipping costs push it higher. I found a good offer on a rebuild and it came in cheeper than a new full wheel.

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Most builders won’t reuse spokes.

Nothing wrong with reusing spokes as long as they are the correct length and aren’t damaged. I’ve done it more times than I can count. I don’t like reusing nipples though.

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I sit corrected.

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Dan at Hub Cycle will. I think it’s around 35 bones to lace one and looks like he is a good wheel builder from what I’ve seen. I’ve heard wheel building described as an art but would love to learn someday!

I will add though in @Kiloton case that it is unlikely that the spokes from your old wheel will be the correct length for the different rim unless you happened to get a rim with the same Internal Rim Diameter (IRD).

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I busted my rear rims once! bought a beefier rims at mec, change some nipples+spokes that were bent, lace it and aligned myself.
I did spend like 8hrs figuring it out and learned valuable lessons. Save some money but I had a hell of a time figuring it out.
It is really an art.