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I am new to mountain biking (mountain biked 10 times in my life) and I am looking for some tips and tricks to help me get started. First of all, what are the best trails? I know about MacIntosh Runs, but I was wonder about any other ones? What gear do I need? I own a Trek hybrid bike, and thats about it. How should I set it up? When do groups go? I am new to the forum and hope some people can help. Thanks in advance.

Hey there. You say you own a trek Hybrid? I’d suggest trying someplace green like McDonald’s Sports park off Waverly road. Great place to get some laps in. Not too harsh for the most part. There are roots and rocks throughout, and some fun descents and tough climbs but your hybrid should be sufficient to handle the majority.
Hope this helps… happy riding

Sportwheels does a weekly hybrid bike ride Thursday evenings alternating between the Saltmarsh trail and the BLT trail, might be worth checking out. Redirecting...

Welcome to trail riding!

A hybrid probably wouldn’t handle rougher trails - not so sure that McIntosh Run would be suitable - but Nine Mile River should be OK. Crusher dust trails suitable for hybrids include Point Pleasant, Shubie Park, First Lake/Second Lake (Sackville Lakes), and Hemlock Ravine. These have more varied terrain than rail trail with climbs, descents, and corners.

What model of Trek are you riding?

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Its a Trek 820 from 2014. I’ve gone out to Spider Lake and really enjoyed that. I’m thinking about going out with the Tuesday MacIntosh group. Thanks!

Looked up the specs on the 2014 Trek 820. When you said hybrid, I was picturing a skinny-tired gravel cruiser. Trek 820 looks like a real entry-level hardtail mountain bike -should handle moderate singletrack.

My favorite trails for flow are Nine Mile River, and Bird Sanctuary in Kentville. Mcintosh run is of course very good, but perhaps a little hard for newbies with a lot of punchy climbs and descents. Railyard (Victoria Park) in Truro has a very extensive trail system and has a wide variety of trails.

One recommendation is that if you do get some padded bike shorts, if you don’t already have them. They make a world of difference in saddle comfort. I wear baggy shorts over the spandex to preserve my modesty and not subject the world to my round physique. :slight_smile:

What are you running for tires? The stock tires look like 2.0 (width). When they wear out, you might go with something a little bigger - 2.1 or 2.3 if the frame will fit them - a little more traction, a little more cushion and protection for your rims.

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