New Bridge

The old bridge on the main trail was a bit too challenging for some of the newer riders so we decided to build something more appropriate. Huge thanx to Josh for giving a hand, enduring the rain and taking the pics…

Prepping the new 16’ base

New bridge base securely in it’s final resting place

Managed to salvage the decking from the old bridge

Just need to fill in approaches with rock and she’s good to go…

Great work guys! I’ll try to get up in the near future for another ride.

Let me know when you’re available Pat…

Thursday AM is out for me… working til 7AM. I’ll try and rustle up a couple of local guys. What time were you thinking of hitting the trail?

I’m probably staying at my cottage Wed night. I’ll have to verify my attendance tomorrow.

Bridge looks pretty darn good!

Just had a sweet ride last night with the valley crew. That bridge is a royal hoot!

Here’s a couple updated pics of the finished bridge plus the new
short bridge just beyond it…