New build!

Very nice!!!

My wonderful wife surprised me with a new Kona Satori frame under the tree this year, along with a full X9 drivetrain to go with it.
She was obviously getting tired of hearing me talk about different bikes on my quest to get myself a new ride.
I am a huge fan of the Satori, but when they changed colors this year I was very disappointed and no longer wanted one.
Sue, being very resourceful located a 2011 frame, unused…and white, and in my size.
Now that I already have my frame I get to spend the money on parts that I would have spent on a completed bike and get to build my version of what I think the Satori should look like.
Stay tuned kids, things could get crazy.



Me too!
Spent the day buying bike parts.
All that is left to buy is the fork, headset and tires.
Was thinking Manitou tower at first because it is the cheapest, but then decided that the fork should be the one thing I really should not cheap out on.
I decided then that I would buy a fox… until I saw a sweet deal on a DT Swiss. Does anyone have any experience with the DT Swiss? Would love some feedback.
Can’t wait to begin building.
Will keep the PedalTrout gang in the loop with a photo journal.
Will be getting some sweet Michelins for the contact patches as well.

Michelins? You must be a bit biased… LOL

You’re right, in not wanting to cheap out on a fork. Check and see where you can get it, (DT Swiss), worked on in the future. I’m away from the shop until the New Year, but if you don’t know by then, I’ll check for you. Nothing worse than being left with a broken, expensive orphan.

i have always hit the and checked the reviews there when thinking about buying something i don’t have any expierance with. with enough reviews you can get the general feel for a products worth. on the other hand if there are only a couple replys you need to excell at reading between the lines. still a good source of knowledge that can help point you in the right direction.

Not too many DT Swiss forks around. I’d worry about service, parts and reliability. Hard to go wrong with Fox.
What are you going to mount up for hoops?

One review I read of a DT Swiss fork said they were light, but have a tuning sweet spot. Miss the sweet spot and it rode like poo.

I agree with you Eric. I woried about the servicability of the swiss and went with the fox.
I got a great deal on a set of Easton Ea 70’s to mount some rubber to.

The Easton’s seem cool enough, but check the rear bearing freeplay frequently. It’s not a big deal, but they seem to need frequent adjusting sometimes. Roll forever, though.

I agree with you Eric. I woried about the servicability of the swiss and went with the fox.
I got a great deal on a set of Easton Ea 70’s to mount some rubber to.

Ooh… nice.

Just heard from the gang at Pictou County Cycle. My fork is in!!

Awesome, that’s going to be one nice bike.

Saddle arrived today. Another step closer.

I have started assembling the machine.
Encountered a huge set back at first though. It appears that I managed to order 26in. wheels instead of 29’s.
Diaster was averted very quickly though as I was able to sell them extremely fast. The correct hoops will hopefully arrive next week.
Minus the wheels, the only other parts I am awaiting are the shifters. I also expect them next week.
I have never felt this excited about a new bike ever. For the first time in my life I am getting “THE” bike that I really want, not something that I must buy as part of the package.
I think building it up is what is making me so giddy!
Giddy up!!
Here are a few pics of my progress:

Looks right some purty! That look like an awesome bike! Can’t wait to see you on the trail with it.

That’s lookin’ pretty sick. Cranks look killer…

Thanks! I can’t wait to get it on the trail.

We’ll have to hit up Grunter sometime this spring. I’ll never be able to keep up now.

Yeah Brent, this new bike is my excuse to ride more now. It is going to force me to scrutinize all of my daily tasks and become very efficient so that I can do it guilt free, but damn it I am going to ride more!