New ECMTB Decals!

Available soon. . . as soon as Mike picks them up that is :slight_smile:

First run there will be both black and silver of the 6" round logos and 5" long decals. Other sizes and colours can be made at your request.


Ooh, been carrying some cash with me for when stickers came available. How much are they?

Not sure what the boys plan on letting them go for. Maybe Mike will chime in…

Looks sweet, @Pepperjester! Thanks for doing these up.

any ecmtb/trailflow tshirts or bike jerseys?

We are looking at having some jerseys and tees in the new year. We will update as we have more info on that.


I’d be into round in 1.25" and in 3"

Glad you like them. They look pretty spiffy I think!

3" long on the ECMTB.NET ones would be no problem.

With the cut vinyl decals one we get down below about 2.5" on the round ones they would start to be a pain to produce and should be printed instead, but that could be an option too. I can cut them down to about 1.25" round but weeding them (removing the unwanted vinyl) would be pretty horrible work at that size. I just ran a test cut at that size, no dice.

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@Pepperjester I hear ya bout the weeding… would 3" be decent in the round? I’d take 2. I’d take 5 of the in 3", 2 silver, 3 black.

Ohh yeah, 3" would be all good!

I’ll do up a few rounds of some smaller ones of both styles over the weekend.

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Fyi… in case you were trying to match the font from the site logo… Verdana Bold.

I wasn’t. Mike gave me a sample of an older ECMTB decal, and I choose a typeface that meet somewhere in between what is on the site and the old decals he liked. Trying to keep every one happy and the such :wink:


They look good, don’t get me wrong. :slight_smile:

I like how you got the teeth to show on the sides. How many teeth? Looks even number. The logo we made has 29 teeth and it always bothered me a bit.

looks like 20 teeth, I like the changes, a little more refined.

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Yeah they look pretty sweet, a little more modern.

Yeah, now that I seen them close up, I really like them.

The big one is going on my truck as soon as it is clean eanogh.

We sold few few too.

@Pepperjester did you get the smaller sizes done up?

Yep, Mike has a big stack of them now.


I wouldn’t mind getting one next time I’m in YHZ.

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