New Lance movie....sorry someone had to post it

The real question, who is going to go see it?

lance move link

Except for the denial, I don’t see why everybody is upset over someone getting caught doing what every other person at that level does.

I think the denial is key. And being a dick. And trying to crush people who got in his way by suing them.

Apart from that, his achievements were still pretty remarkable. I suspect it was a pretty level playing field because so many people at the time were doping. He still had to train, use race strategy and have good team support to win.

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Agreed,it was totally the “being a dick” part.

For sure mostly it was his attitude. But I don’t buy the level playing field line. For instance, some people can afford better doping programs than others, some people could get more relative increase in hematocrit from EPO than others could, etc.