New Norco Storm 1 Rear Wheel off Center

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So, new bike mth old like it nice ride it’s a 2018 norco storm 1 and the issue I have is rear wheel center.

The wheel when I place it in dropouts I make sure it’s seated then tight quick release when I look down bikes centerline “seatpost” the tire is off center about 1/4 inch. So did some reading on the subject and doesn’t appear to be dished as I have put wheel in backwards and its still off to left so appears wheel is true but the axle not sitting correctly in drop outs. If. I move left side axle forward and right side toward rear it becomes centered but soon start pedals it falls back to off center.

Now is it because I only paid a grand and its not a 3 or 4 thousand dollar bike “my daughters cheap supercycle is centered” lol anyhow I’m wondering is chainline centered based in the off centered wheel in drop outs or is it out of center because tire is 1/4 inch to the left.

What would you guys do push to have returned to norco to straight out or live with it as it maybe on all there cheaper 1000 bikes? The guy bought from great guy but feel like been hassling him and don’t wanna push people but on other hand I can’t afford a lot and a grand was a stretch and want atleast a centered rear tire lol.

Thanks Scott

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I would suggest returning it to the shop where you bought it or your local Norco Dealer (Sportwheels in the city).

If the dropouts are misaligned from the factory, Norco carries a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defect for the original owner. It would be worth it to allow them to take a look at it.

Sometimes, even with the most expensive, high end bikes, things slip past quality control.


That’s a bit peculiar. Take it to a shop with a FAG-2 frame alignment gauge.

I know having a new bike and wanting it to be perfect, etc. BUT, I will ask a question.

Does the wheel being off center cause any problems? Is the tire rubbing (or close to rubbing) the frame?

If it isn’t causing an issue, why stress about it?

Yeah, its probably fine. If it has rim brakes like in the old days it might be an issue. Only problem I can think of is if he wants to install a wider tire (within reason) down the trail.

So. Had bike in and wheel was fine however still off center. So still bothered me seated rear tire notice chain line little off put tire center of post approximately chainline ran strait. Middle chainring front middle cassette rear. I then ran string line from front of front tire to rear of rear tire tire handle bars till back of front tire touched I then looked at rear tire the front of rear tire was out about 1/4 from string line in factory dripouts seated position. Then eyed seatpost tire centered.
So either frame is off or dropouts are out when I push left side axle forward right side towards rear tire then in straight line as well as chainline. My quess the dropouts because the chainline would be strait if it was frame (assumption) so in factory position the front of the rear tire is off 1/4.
Gonna try to look at another same bike 2 ginna take to someone set in frame. Norco said that it’s suppose to be centered. So we shall see. Worst case little design flaw in all the storms and a fix by takin a little of metal out front of left axle and little metal out rear of the right axle and I mean little 1/8 either side!


If it rides in a straight line I wouldn’t do anything, especially filing stuff down. Just ride the bike.

Or, take it back to where you got it and have them deal with it. We can’t do anything here other than tell you to chek ur cabels.

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Well I’m just at a store look at other storms there all dead in center. My issue is if tires off chainline off etc and yea know saved for bit get this so want something that’s suppose to be true.

Yeah, I agree that the chainline is way more important than tire placing. If you have shifting issues that isn’t something that can be corrected by shifting or riding differently, that’s for sure. Definitely take it back to the shop for their take on it before you make any mods to it yourself.

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At least you’re getting this sorted out now before the good riding is here, right!?

Stop in Sportwheels in Sackville, ask for Sheldon (thats me) or call me and set up a time…


Hey Sheldon sent private message. Scott