New Pedal Trout Youtube Channel!

Might take a couple of minutes for them to load. Just got a little excited is all.

In light of all the videos of our local trails, rides, and other events we’ve set up a Youtube channel so I can post up the videos.

Thus far I have uploaded 4 and I’ll be working on a few others as well.

Here’s the link:

I have LOTS of unedited GoPro video from all the trails at Spider Lake, Fight Trail and Whopper. I also have Shubie Park, Bromont, The Gorge, The Links, the Formula 1 Track in Montreal (the guy on Roller Blades was fast) and lots of other stuff too. I don’t have enough horsepower to edit HD video efficiently so I have never really compiled much of it into anything watchable. It’s mostly me having a running commentary with the trail as I ride along. Not too interesting to anyone but me.

I dream of someday making a great compilation video to share with all my riding bretheren but for now watching them is a great way to pass a few hours on a winter night when you can’t ride.

A compilation would be awesome. It would be great to see some of your videos.

I hear ya on watching them on a winter night. It’s great to see the trails we ride on a regular basis and see how fast (or slow) we actually are going.

I’ve added a couple more videos.