New River Trail

Here’s a cell phone video I shot today walking the new Cob Creek River Trail…

To make up for the captivating videography :roll: , I included some decent tunes to keep you awake.

Actually this trail is going to be a great addition to the project… as you’ll see at the end the trail comes out at the new bridge under construction.

Is this where you took us the last time we were there Ken?

Yes… :slight_smile:

The auto stabilization is weird :slight_smile:

Towards the end it almost becomes psychedelically trippy… goes well with the music though…lol


Yes… :)[/quote]

Lots of potential for good trail there

Looks good Ken. Is anything flagged? I may walk it this weekend with the dog.

Where is this trail located?

It’s by the Big Stop in Enfield… hopefully the soggy ground will freeze up soon so we can get a ride organized.

You can make out the trail if you take your time, no flagging tape… let me know when you’re going and I may join you.

Awesome Ken! Love seeing trails next to that river.

Great job Ken. Hopefully, it will be dry enough some day to ride there again for the group rides.