New rules for recreational drones in Canada set out where, when they can fly

"Recreational drone users in Canada face new restrictions on where and when they can fly their remote-controlled devices, under new rules being announced today by Transportation Minister Marc Garneau.

The rules, which are effective immediately, mean recreational users will face a fine of up to $3,000 if drones weighing more than 250 grams are caught flying:

Higher than 90 metres.
Within 75 metres of buildings, vehicles, vessels, animals or people.
More than 500 metres away from the user.
At night, in clouds or somewhere you can't see it.
Within nine kilometres of somewhere aircraft take off or land, or a forest fire.
Without your name, address and phone number marked on the drone itself.
Over forest fires, emergency response scenes or controlled airspace."

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At lest Whopper looks clear lol.

Yeah clear of power lines :roll_eyes:!

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Forgot to say the map is just 9km radius of helipads and airports + other controlled airspace.

I figured thats what it was. :slight_smile: