New Tire Time - Help me Choose

I am looking to replace my tires on my 29er. So far I’ve used the Kenda Nevegals, and Small Block Eights with varying degrees of success. I was far from impressed with the small block eights for anything but dry conditions. Great in dry conditions, super fast, but wet stuff was less then inspiring.

The choices:

Kenda Nevegal - heavy, but works in all conditions including mud/roots.

Schwalbe Hans Dempf - I’ve heard good things and the reviews are positive. Lighter than the nevegals as well.

Schwalbe Magic Mary - New for this year. More geared towards the DH scene, but so far the pre reviews are saying good things for wet conditions.

Or other suggestions.

I am looking for a 29er tire that is good in all conditions. I am not running tubeless at the moment, and don’t have any real plans to change as of now. I am not looking to spend a fortune and not overly concerned with weight. If I was concerned with weight I would have a couple less beer per week or just ride more. I’m not racing and we all know what the conditions are like here, wet, roots, rocks, and every now and then some dry conditions.

Let me know your thoughts.

Cost is not a huge concern, providing I’m getting something good and durable.

For what it is worth, I have been running Nevegals forever. Every once in awhile I try whatever is new/on sale hoping that I will find similar performance to the Nevegals but with more life in them. I have come to the conclusion that with the amount of riding that most of us do on the rock of Whopper and Fight Trail that no tire is going to have a really long life.

Outside of longevity I can’t see how you could go wrong with Nevegals although there will be lots of suggestions coming from everyone I am sure.

Specialized is making some excellent tires these days. I like the Butcher front Purgatory rear set up I’ve got on my enduro. For lighter duty use a front Purgatory, rear ground control would work well too and be a bit lighter.

I voted for Nevi’s but was wondering if anyone has experience with Michelins? I know they are pricey but Michelins seem to be worth the price for vehicle tread, just wondering about mtb tread…

Agreed on specialized, I’ve always liked the new tires on my bikes.

My vote was for the Hans Dampfs. I have a set of them mounted for my Anthem when I’m riding it at Wrandees/Fight Trail/Whopper/Skull (HRM). Everywhere else (Valley/Gore/Fitz) I use the Racing Ralphs as they’re so much lighter and faster rolling, unless it’s really muddy. I tried the Nevegals and did not like them but I was only riding HRM trails at that time and I found that they didn’t have enough grip for the steep granite climbs and descents. Of course grip vs wear is something to consider. If you choose a Schwalbe tire, I strongly recommend the snakeskin sidewall. I wore through a Racing Ralph in no time riding in HRM (mostly Wrandees). I also liked the Specialized Ground Control tires I ran briefly on the Trance before it was sold. They were also light and fast.

I do like the specialized tires, but I don’t have easy access to them via work so my choices are somewhat limited.

So far I’m leaning towards the Hans Dampfs. They don’t cost that much more than the nevegals and they look like a great tread pattern.

I got some 2.4 Conti X-Kings for my 29er and love them.

I have used 2.1 Ground Controls, but find them a bit small for around here, have a set of 2.25 racing ralphs too, I used them for 3 xc races last year and loved them, I might sell these btw, as I really like these 2.4 continentals.