New tires

Any reccomendations where to get new tires? Im in dartmouth. I normally deal with sportswheels just wondering if anyone has an online spot to get good deals?

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I’m running a magic Mary which is overkill but awesome in loam wet and just anything soft and pretty good in loose over hard

I find chain reaction cycles has good sales of nearly everything

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CRC has aggressors and Minions for 40 bucks per. If you order em separate you shouldn’t get nailed with additional charges.

Yeh im kinda new to owning a half decent bike haha. For years i drove beaters like ccms and iron horse
Bought a trek and wore the tires off the back already cuz i commute to work most days also.
Want something not overly aggressive where i do bike to work and trail.

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The minions are what i was looking at actually. Seem like a decent tread but not too aggressive


Please try supporting local first, there are Dartmouth bike shops. If they can’t help you then go online. I get my HOPE parts from chain reaction because local sometimes trouble with small repair parts and takes a long time getting some off brand parts…but tires go local.


Bikes local, small supplies and need right away I go local. But you wont see me paying for one tire for what I can get 2. Plus the selection online is well beyond what most shops carry.

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I’ve had good luck with MEC and using there price matching policy. I got my Continental Grand Prix 5000 for 50% off by price matching Pro Kit Canada.


No shit. What was the price on them?

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Prob a couple newb questions but whats the difference between 3c and dual compound when buying maxxis minions.
Also if i have 29x2.0 tires on now. Will 29×2.3 work on the same rim and not interfere with anything?

The Maxxis site is pretty shitty, but there’s info here about the different compound types:

Personally, I like 3C Maxxterra around here. Lasts longer than 3C MaxxGrip, especially on the granite we have around Halifax, but still plenty of grip.

Your rims won’t be the limiting factor for width, that will be the frame and fork. You will most likely be ok with a 2.3, but you should check the manufacturer’s spec to be sure.

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Yeh ive been trying to find the specs but cant. Just noticed my front tire is actually 2.2 and back is 2.0. Thats not much of a difference on the front they should prob work

If you measure the stays and fork at the widest part of the current tread, you should be able to see how wide you can go. Most tires are slightly narrower than their published dimensions. You’ll want at least a few mms of clearance to allow for frame flex.

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Thanks for all the info guys. Pretty sure theyll work. If not you’ll prob see them on the buy and sell cuz i ordered them lol

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I paid $50 a tire, they retail at MEC for $100. Needless to say, I was pretty stoked on saving a $100 on new rubber.


Wow, good deal. How do they compare to the 4000s (what I have now)?

I never owned a set of 4000’s, but compared to my old Schwalbe Lugano’s, they roll much quicker. There also surprisingly comfortable for a 25mm tire.

I’m running a Maxxis Minion DHF on the front and a Maxxis Aggressor on the rear. Both are 29 x 2.3 with exo casings. I’ve ridden everything from enduro and park (Blue Mountain) to xc on them. The only thing I’ve really noticed is that the aggressor doesn’t clear mud that well.

Single compound soft compound tires are typically grippy but wear fast. Dual compound tires typically have harder rubber on the tread for longevity and lower rolling resistance and softer on the sides for cornering. 3c is Maxxis triple compound, which they say is better than dual.