New to biking in Truro

Hi everyone, I’m new to biking and really enjoying it. I have a KHS Ultrasport 1.0 (essentially a hybrid with MTB tires and suspension fork)I usually ride the Cobequid Trail from Lower Truro to Old Barns trailhead. (Because I’m old and out of shape) Yesterday I decided to try the reservoir loop at the Railyard. That was an adventure! I’m really developing a like for legitimate mountain biking but slowly venturing into it and will eventually upgrade to a real mountain bike. Anyway I’m looking forward to more riding while meeting more people who are part of the mountain biking scene in Truro.


Welcome to the site! The Railyard has some fantastic beginner friendly trails, along with some challenging more advanced trails. Certainly a great place to live close to for mountain biking!


Thank you!

welcome to your new home J. MTB lives here!


Thank you.

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Welcome to the cult @Jstewart75.
I can tell you are hooked already :slight_smile:

Like anything else, mountain biking is a skill that you practice and improve. Before you know it you will be riding stuff that seemed impossible to you just a short time ago. Take advantage of the Railyard. It is a great set of trails with something for everyone.

I hope we can ride together someday


Sounds great! Thanks.

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