New to HRM - Looking for Group Rides

I’m new to Halifax and am looking for people to ride with or group rides so I can get to know the biking community and trails around the area.

Is there pretty consistent groups rides that leave from the same place? Where can I look to find the group ride meeting locations? I see the Gore ride for June 5th. Is there anything in the Halifax area on Sundays?

I’m keen to ride, any information would be great!


If you are in (or can get to) Dartmouth, I regularly ride at Shubie park.

The ECMTB group rides are Tuesday evenings @7:00, the location varies. It’s always posted here a few days before. The Trails section here has good information on the most used trails in the area. Check in with the local shops for other groups heading out on the weekends.

I’ll be frequenting shubie/spider lake starting later this summer and be looking to set up regular rides on the weekends year round.

If you are ever in the valley there are a slew of weekly rides. The Valley Stove and cycle rides go every Thursday evening. Location is posted a couple of days prior to.

You are definitely welcome any Tuesday evening. As stated, we change the location to get a full taste of the all the trail systems. Everyone is welcome!

What is your riding ability/ experience??? Some groups that ride are more skilled than others, so they go at a faster pace/ stop less, which can be tough for riders with less skill/ fitness. It will give you a good base for what you can handle. The ECMTB rides on Tuesday nights are open to all levels, so they are great for everyone.

Often people post on here when they headed out for a ride and invite others to join. You can often find riding buddies this way.

Riders here in the HRM are really friendly, so you should have no trouble finding people to ride with…

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I’m in halifax, and go to whopper quite a bit. Most of the time it’s evening rides

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Great! Thanks for the offer. I haven’t made it over to Dartmouth yet, but I should make the trip over there! I’ll message if I can make it in the next few days. I’m away for a couple of weeks, but hope to ride consistently when I get back.

KMo If you are intersted 4 of us are riding Spider Lake Sunday morning at 8:30. You are welcome to join in

I’ll definitely watch for the Tuesday night rides. I’m away this Tuesday until the 28th, but I plan to make it out once back. Thanks very much!

I’m keen to ride any level of difficulty and have been riding for about 20 years. I like the idea of either hard faster pace rides or social rides to get to know people. As I’m more crunched for time, I would probably tend toward shorter, faster pace rides. Hopefully I can keep up!! :slight_smile: I’m from the West Coast of Canada and spent much of my time riding on Vancouver Island and the Pacific Northwest. I ride both MTB and road, but have not been consistent with road in the last years.

That would be great! Would you be able to give me the location that you meet? Maybe a road or parking lot or address?? I’m coming from the west side of Halifax. Thanks!