New Trail at Fight Trail?

I was talking with a rider at Fight Trail this morning and he asked me if I knew where the new trail was. He thought it was between Lou’s Basement and the new road that was being built that starts where we park. Does anyone of this trail or any other newly built Trail at Fight?

This is all that shows up on Strava’s heatmap. Doesn’t appear to be any new trails between Lou’s Basement and that new road. Not sure if the heatmap is constantly updated though.

I wonder if they were thinking MacIntosh Run.

What a cool feature in Strava. I recognize all of the trail system there so I am not sure where he means. Looks like lots of room to build in there though

On another note, I have heard about riders heading in off the Purcell’s Cove Road. Where would that be? I have ridden over some well built, low lying bridges in a swampy area before but not sure I could find it again. It’s off the Figure 8 if I remember correctly. Does the Purcell’s Cove entrance get you on those trails?

Always on the lookout for more trails to ride.

It looks like some people have entered/exited from Purcell’s Cove Road. Over on the other side of Flat Lake. Attached to that “Secret Single Track” segment. You can see it faintly in Strava’s heatmap.

Could also just be someone being adventurous while riding that segment then turning around. Might not actually go all the way to Purcell’s Cove. Who knows!

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It’s not new - it’s been around for 2 or 3 years, but there’s a trail called “Bloodline” at the end of Sarah Dr., which I think hooks up with Fight - wouldn’t be that one, would it?

@muddy… Unless there has been lots done, the entrance off the Purcell’s Cove Rd is more hike-a-bike than anything. At the bottom of the hill going up from Purcell’s Cove to Herring Cove, right across from Battery Dr, there is a sign and a opening to a rocky climb. This leads up to Purcell’s Pond, and lots of people walk up to go swimming/ hiking, but biking it, in my experience, is not fun. The rocky climb to start is fine, but then it is almost all un-ridable.

You can end up at Fight, but not worth it IMO…

As for Bloodline, it starts across from LumberMart at the Halifax/ Herring Cove boundary, and does hook up to Fight, the point is noticeable but hard to describe so that it is seen while riding. I am told this is not maintained nearly as well as the rest of Fight so it might not be in the best condition…

I checked out the trail at the end of Sarah Drive today. The trail has a lot of overgrowth and dead fall, and switches to double track/atv trail and then back to single track. I didn’t get too far in until I came to a bunch of dead fall that completely covered the trail and would have been difficult to get the bike around.

The trail seems like it could be very fun, but it definitely needs a fair bit of work (and a chainsaw) to make it rideable again.

The other end of this trail joins up with the “Lake Loop” at the top of the “Flat Lake Decent”. You can see the start of it in the heat map posted. It can be ridden down to the bridge across the McIntosh Run, but I would walk the bridge. It got pushed off it’s rocks by ice this winter. You can then ride up the “Old Military Road” all the way to the sewer pump house but there are wet spots, or you can head up “Bloodline” but there is a bunch of deadfall. It’s a great ride down to the run and back.