New Trailhead At Wrandees

From what I read here this is more crusher dust trail?:

I wonder if it will open up new ride areas. Opportunities for fun offshoots.


The money is ridiculous, how much good trail could be built with $600k instead of another gravel sidewalk. I wonder if bikes will be banned from the trail.

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I’m told that bikes will be banned completely from Long Lake Provincial Park. Of course, this is third hand, but it’s something to be aware of.

I used to be on the board of the LLPPA, and the hikers there are militantly anti-bike, so it doesn’t surprise me. I do have to laugh at the idea that the trails were made by people walking them, when so many were in fact cut by MTBers.

Not surprising, I’d say let the hikers take the “blame” for the trails, I’ve heard that LLPP is considered a trail management disaster among those people who like to manage these types of things.

I’m actually looking forward to being able to hit up the rails-trails out to the bike and bean by getting onto a trail at the start of Nortwest Arm Drive (a minor pavement connection at the St.Margrets Bay road overpass but whatev). This is LLPPA MkII so they’re a little more progressive than that list of assholes and social retards of the previous group so I am somewhat (a strong somewhat) optimistic about this group. Having conversed with those involved recently I was somewhat reassured that they actually appreciate cyclists and probably wouldn’t be adverse to cyclists getting involved and possible maintaining trails. I’m talking longterm here, not next week, the wheels of government are oiled with chainsaw bar oil, so don’t expect anything soon. Donna (referenced in the CH article) knows we exist and knows who I am and what involvement I may/may not have had so don’t take it personally (though it is funny).

If I was keen on building new trail I’d see this new trail system as a perfect opportunity to build something off of, especially since it gives easy access to sections previously ignored. I imagine within the next 20 years a lot more of our trails will end up looking like gravel paths in there, so enjoy it while you can. I didn’t think people even rode bikes in there anymore.

The $600,000 being spent would not have gone to trails if this was not being done. Obviously, the developer is benefiting from this but so are we, good luck getting a person to give nearly a million dollars away for anything. This all started because he has all of this rock being cleared across the street, mulched up its great for trail building (such as it is) so he could have just trucked it to a fill somewhere but instead he’s doing this.

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That’s good to hear! And yes, people do still ride in LLPP…

Wow, sure is a nice road they built. Zzzzzzzzz

Looking forward to riding it on my road bike commute home once in awhile.

While I can appreciate the need for more bike specific trails, I am happy that these types of trails are being built… here’s why. While I am relatively healthy and can enjoy our selection of amazing singletrack in the province, my wife who was disabled in a car accident only can with the aid of a four wheel outdoor scooter… the rooty trails at Shubie canal are the limit for her adrenalin rush, even though she wishes for so much more. It’s great times for us being in nature even though she can’t, really.
Also, what I read in the article was this was two companies that decided to build this, did the required footwork and are getting it done. I say congratulations. Don’t lose sight of diversity when viewing the need for new trails.


Good point Ken.