New trails at Irishman's now open!

The new loop at Irishman’s is now open. Go have some fun.

A rough track of the new trails - Longbow and Crossbow (names might change pending final approval from the municipality) are up on TrailForks, I’ll update it once I have a chance to GPS the final routes. Whats shown on TrailForks is a bit short by about 200m but close enough to keep you from getting lost.


Love the work you’ve done there Trailflow! Looking forward to seeing it in the daylight and checking out the extra 200m!

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^ ^ You’ve ridden most of it Eric. We added a bit at the beginning that would be new to you, so your only missing maybe 30m. But there are a few new features since you were last in :wink:

What I meat is just that the TrailForks data is not super accurate.

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Ok. Still looking forward to riding it again, and seeing what other treats you’ve created. :slight_smile:

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Here’s a little preview for you all :slight_smile:


This looks really fun! If the weather stays nice I’m gonna bring the kids to check it out this week. Thanks for sharing the update.

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