New Year's Riding Resolutions

That goes a LONG WAY, Troy. I did that 40 lbs ago. Hopefully your next farm has oodles of MTB trails on it.

So, every year I try to incorporate a few new skills/techniques into the ol’ repitoire. This year, I want to get into jumping more, bigger hops, and manualling. Want to really nail that one this year. I also want to actually train for the MTB and BMX race season.

In the past, I’ve seshed for hours trying to get stuff, but the last few years, I find it easier and more fun to just keep throwing it in the mix. A few years back it was track standing. Now I can do it for days. I just did it every ride, every stop, every light or stop sign while on the road. And by and by, I got it! Same with pedal kicks, balance line, etc.

So, what are your goals this year?

My goal is to look like a biker gain.
Cut out sugar and ride more.

(again) D’oh!