Newbie here! Is this a good deal?

Hi all, I’m currently bike-less and looking. I learned to mountain bike and biked for 1 season in BC on little mountains, and then went once at Keppoch last summer. I’m pretty new!

I have heard (and noticed) that the bike market is HOT right now and good bikes are pricey and hard to find. Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • S or M frame (I’m 5’6/5’7 ish)
  • ideally 29" wheels but not a deal breaker
  • hardtail is OK but I learned on full sus, so if I can find full sus that would be sweet!
  • I will mainly be using it on local trails (XC) but also want to be able to take downhill occasionally

I found this and wondering if it would be a good deal to get for 1100 or 1200? (which is my max budget)

I’m so grateful to have found this community - any input will be much appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face:


The fuel is a great bike I have this years model.

They have changed the geometry of them in the last couple years to be more of a all mountain design with slacker head tube angle. Meaning the front wheel is further out front making it more capable of dh riding plus has more travel.

There’s others here who could better chime in about pricing but I’d say $1000 based on the age. The current one is $3500 before tax

That’s a good price but it is probably too small for you.

It really depends on the condition of the bike and how well it has been maintained. If it’s in good shape, then the price isn’t bad, especially with how much demand there is for bikes right now. That should be a great bike for most trails around NS including most of what Keppoch has to offer.

Things to consider for any used bike;
When (if ever) was the suspension serviced?
How are the frame bearings and/or bushings?
Do the brakes need to be bled?
How are the brake pads?
What’s the condition of the chain, cassette and chain ring(s)?
How are the gear cables?

Not to scare you away from a used bike, but there’s a lot of wear items and maintenance on a bike (should be anyway, some people just ride them into the ground until they stop working) that can add up quickly in parts costs, let alone labour costs if you can’t do the work yourself.


Thats some solid advice

Not to mention that getting service done and parts availability right now isn’t exactly ideal.

I’d spend a little extra and buy this one from @muddy. A few years newer, well maintained and the size will likely be better for your height. Also he’s a stand up guy in the local MTB community and wouldn’t sell you a clunker.


I’m exactly your height - 5’6/5’7" and ride a medium size. My winter bike was a large frame (it was a gift so selecting a different frame size was not an option) , using a shorter stem to make for a more comfortable reach, but the standover the top tube was barely adequate.

Be careful - small might be too small.

By the way, when checking fit, a rough gauge of proper saddle height is putting your heel on the pedal - your leg should be straight (slight bend when in proper pedaling position with your ball of your foot on the pedal) - feet should not be able to touch the ground when seated (doesn’t apply to bmx, downhill or jump bikes, where riders typically slam the saddle down and ride mostly standing). A rough gauge of proper reach when in riding position is to have the stem/handlebar in line of sight with the front axle as you look down in riding position (in other words, when in normal riding position, the stem blocks the view of the front axle). This does vary with rider preference - it’s not a hard and fast rule, but does give a starting point.

Maintenance issues can be pricey. If a drivetrain needs replacing, you might be looking at $300. Sending a shock away for overhaul could cost $200-$400. Sourcing parts these days can be an issue as well - especially for 26" wheeled mountain bikes, since the industry has moved on to 27.5" and 29".

I’d recommend taking a look at @muddy 's bike too.

Hope you get a bike and have fun with it!


Thank you all so much for your insight, suggestions, and help!!

I hope to see many of you on the trails this season :slight_smile:


Nice day for a ride today Guesty!!

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